Boletín Comunitario – “Local Schools Conduct a Bilingual Project”

Boletín Comunitario

The Community Bulletin (Boletín Comunitario), a monthly publication in Spanish by the City of Bloomington’s Latino Programs and Outreach division of the Community and Family Resources Department

“Local Schools Conduct a Bilingual Project”

During the 2015-2016 school year, the Spanish-teaching team composed of Brandt Badger, Adriana Spencer, and Gabriela Coolidge of elementary schools Templeton, Childs, and University, conducted an art exchange project and bilingual literature in collaboration with art teachers Cassidy Young and Hannah Shuler. This project focused on creating bookmarks with drawings and bilingual text by Bloomington students to be sent to students in our sister cities of Posoltega, Nicaragua, and Santa Clara, Cuba.

Debbi Conkle and David Boeyink, members of the Posoltega-Bloomington Committee, and Michelle Henderson, of CUBAmistad organization, provided an opportunity for students to learn more about the culture, architecture, family, food, geography and animals of Nicaragua and Cuba. Telling stories, showing pictures, and answering questions, students increased their knowledge about Hispanic culture, especially in the sister cities of Bloomington.

On May 6, the Spanish teaching staff, David Boeyink and Debbi Conkle implemented a
Skype session with teacher Martha Irene Hernandez and her students of the elementary school Ricardo Morales Avilés in Posoltega, Nicaragua. In this session, students talked about their education, culture and family life, sang songs typical of their region, showed the flag of their country and answered questions about their favorite foods, class schedule, favorite holiday and favorite sport. This pleasant experience has inspired the teaching staff of the three primaries in Bloomington to continue with cultural exchange projects in the future.

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